eBanking (formerly HomeBanking)

Experience the next generation of online banking! Enjoy a more robust, integrated, easy-to-use online experience that is even more secure than ever. Learn about the features of ECCU eBanking in the video below.

Login to eBanking

First Time Logging In?

  • Sign-On ID: Is your member number (without preceding zeros). For example:
  1. If your member number is 012345, you will type it in as 12345.
  2. If your member number is 00012, you will type it in as 12.
  3. If your member number is 10123, you will type it in as 10123.
  • Temporary Password: The last 6-digits of your social security number
  • The system will automatically prompt you to change your password the first time you log in
  • Your individual accounts will have a new account number structure. We will no longer use a suffix to identify accounts such as S1 for Share Savings or S4 for Classic Checking. You can view all of your new account numbers in eBanking under "Account Management".
  • You now have the option to rename your accounts. For example, you could change your Classic Checking to "John's Checking". Learn how in five easy steps!

    How Do I...

    Delete certain accounts from view in eBanking? 

    Convert my QuickBooks, Quicken, and Mint accounts?

    Rename my accounts?

    Locate all of my account numbers?

    ECCU eBanking gives you 24-hour access to real-time account information.

    • View all member accounts you’re associated with via single sign-on - no more separate log-ins!
    • Customize account nicknames - no more confusion!
    • Easily view pending transactions
    • Export account history in financial software
    • Ability to set up one time and/or recurring transfers between accounts or to other member accounts
    • Create spending reports and set balance and deposit alerts
    • Enjoy enhanced Web Bill Pay, including transfers to friends and family with Popmoney™ and also non-ECCU accounts